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Rocket Riot

Keep the outer space safe in Rocket Riot the addictive tap and draw space game where you are the busiest space traffic controller in the Universe. In Rocket Riot you must keep the outer space safe by controlling rockets towards multi-colored planets. Simply tap on a rocket and draw a path towards a planet that matches its color. While this sounds incredibly easy (and it is), as the game progresses there are more and more rockets, rockets increasing in speed, planets rotating, and asteroids crowding the Universe. All the rocket traffic will need to be safely routed while avoiding all collisions. Rocket Riot quickly becomes a frustratingly-addictive experience as you try to beat your own and others high scores, unlock achievements, and access the online leaderboard.

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Jungle Ball

Mickey the Monkey has gotten his favorite little red ball taken away by the bullies of the jungle... the evil floating Tiki Heads! Help Mickey get his ball back! Play by tilting your device and drawing ropes "bridge lines" to navigate the ball to freedom. Simply draw lines with your finger, and use physics by tilting your device. You will be the one to determine the course the ball takes and the speed it travels through the jungle. Sound easy? Think again! Master this challenging and addictive concept of tilting and drawing while not perishing from the tricky obstacles such as floating tiki heads, protruding spikes, man-eating plants, as well as not allowing the ball to drop into an abyss. Collect every coin and gain access to all the power-ups such as the tiny jungle ball or feather weight jungle ball to enhance the jungle adventure. Can you help Mickey get his ball back?!

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Card Collection

Card Collection allows you to keep track of all your baseball cards you have collected over the years. Run reports to keep track of team sets and more. You can know exactly which baseball cards you may be missing from your collection, so you can find them and add them to your collection. See how much your cards are projected to be worth!

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