Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our services/apps/games. We respect and value your privacy concerns. In order to provide better services/apps/games, we might collect some of your information and this privacy policy describes what information we collect and how we use/process it.


Information we collect

Your information will be collected on the basis of your input and/or automatically. We collect your name, IP address, device model number, device user agent, location information, advertising id (android/ios), device id (windows phone), imei (feature phones), installed apps and/or any other information that may be collected by third parties (such as ad networks). We do not collect any information that you have saved on your mobile device such as contacts and/or appointments. Some of information is not mandatory to provide us, so you have the option to provide us or not.

How we use the information

We may use your information for the purpose of providing, delivering, protecting and/or improving our services/apps/games. Some of your information (such as your name, country etc.) might be posted on global leaderboards/online scoring system and will be visible to other users of our services/apps/games. We also might use your information for Google analytic to better understand your interest and serve you better.

Third party advertising

Some of our services/apps/games are supported by third party ad networks that serve advertisements within our services/apps/games. These adnetworks send advertisements and links to your device and that will appear in our services/apps/games. When our services/apps/games request such advertisements, some of your information (such as your IP address, location information, device User Agent, Advertising ID, device ID etc) is transferred to us and these third party ad networks.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. Please visit this page frequently to stay aware of changes. Your continued use of our services/apps/games will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Privacy Policy.

For more information and enquiries, please contact us.